October Congruity Q&A: E-Verfiy

Our company would like to enroll on E-Verify, but we have different companies under one larger company. Would we need to create individual accounts or can we run E-Verify for all companies under the main name?


According the USCIS, how your company enrolls in E-Verify depends on how it is organized and which locations will use E-Verify.

There are three options:
  • Enroll all locations that will use E-Verify in the employer access method and sign an individual memorandum of understanding (MOU) for each location. Each location will then be able to create their cases in E-Verify.
  • Enroll only the locations that will create E-Verify cases in the E-Verify employer access method. These locations can create cases for one or several hiring sites.
  • Enroll in the E-Verify corporate administrator access method and link any locations already enrolled in the E-Verify employer access method to the corporate administrator account.

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